Monday, March 07, 2011

More Trail Success

It bums me out endlessly when I consider the Nickel Plate corridor- the railroad that ran from Noblesville to Indy by way of Fishers- and the light rail nonsense that is pushed for it. I would much rather see a greenway, like the Monon through Carmel, or the Indianapolis Cultural Trail downtown.

Wherever the trails & greenways are installed, we see property values rise, we see an increase in greenery and a reduction in pollution, and people start getting more active.

The Indy Star had an article full of praise for the newest trail, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail:

More than a year of construction kept some customers away from stores and restaurants along Massachusetts Avenue, but businesses are beginning to see the Indianapolis Cultural Trail's payoff.

Even during this winter's frequent snow and ice, people using the walking and biking path have found their way into unfamiliar shops.

This particular trail cost less than $70 million to construct, will be very inexpensive to maintain, and is loaded with positives. Light rail will cost over a BILLION dollars, will lower property values, will have endless high maintenance costs, and will never live up to the puffy projections for usage. Bah.

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