Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gary Johnson's Creative Fundraising

I love Gary Johnson's creative fundraising device that plays with the NCAA tournament brackets. Johnson is seeking the Libertarian nomination for President in the party's May convention. He has set a goal of being included in the national debates. The Johnson campaign wishes to demonstrate reaching some metrics in order to be considered for inclusion. From a Johnson campaign email:

Here is what March Mania is about: To qualify for our share of the matching funds presidential candidates receive from the money citizens voluntarily “check off” on their tax returns, we must receive contributions during the primary election campaign totaling at least $5,000 from each of at least 20 states.

For any third party candidate, inclusion in the debates is an excellent goal, and the use of brackets is clever stuff, given the devotion to the tourney every year.

Disclosure: I have not donated to his campaign, or to anyone else's. I just like the cleverness.

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