Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White Americans For Romney Video

No. Actually, I made that up. But what reaction did you have to that headline? Did the word 'racism' enter in? We're you ready to burst a vein in your temple (if on the left), or shake your head and say indignantly, "He did not..." (if on the right)?

Well I watched this campaign ad video, and 'racism' was exactly what I thought of at the :25 mark. Watch the clip for yourself:

The double standard is excruciating. So was the BS about the Iraq War being over. Are all of our troops gone? No? Not over.

But the racism and pandering of this ad is sickening, and it wouldn't be tolerated well if the video swapped out 'African American' for 'white'. I think the media and the left would be apoplectic. Rightfully. But, let's see what the reaction is. The right is about to explode, between this and the Obama-faced flag flying in Lake County, FL.

This ad could convince me that Obama doesn't care if there is hard strain in race relations. If you work hard to extend a double standard, what else could one conclude? That he was unaware of this ad? Ok, it lacks the "I'm Barack Obama and I approve this message" tagline. It does have the Obama logo, though. Looks authentic. Maybe it's a dirty trick? Hmm...


Greg Purvis said...

Mike, I know what you are saying, but it doesn't really bother me. I think African-Americans have a very justifiable pride in Obama as the first African-American President. If Hillary had been elected, you would have seen the same thing from women.

But that is not enough to vote for someone, as the only reason. Me, I am a white guy, over 60, and I voted for Obama because I agreed with most (not all) of what he said. He said he would end US combat operations in Iraq, and he did. He said he would get health care reform passed, and he did, although some of the concessions he made to get it passed make it look a bit like a Rube Goldberg machine. And I will vote for him again, but not because of his skin color. That deserves a footnote for history, but no one should vote that way.

But I actually don't think most African-Americans will vote for him because he is black, BUT BECAUSE THEY AGREE WITH HIM, which is why about 88% of African-Americans vote Democrat anyway.

But consider that white males made up ALL previous 43 Presidents. No biggie that they were white, that is the norm. Some of them were slaveowners.

You can't see the difference? I can.

Mike Kole said...

Why doesn't a double standard bother you? I've never seen you gloss over double standards in other non-policy areas of politics, so why should the advertising of campaigns be exempt?

Besides- if 'about 88% of African-Americans vote Democrat anyway', why would it be necessary to promote on the basis of ancestry?