Thursday, July 12, 2012

4 Years Later, McCain Begs Again

Can you believe I got another beg letter from John McCain? Apparently, this is what I get for having sent Ron Paul 50 bucks in 2007. Oh, Kole! You donated to a Republican! Let this be a lesson to me.

This one is every bit as hilarious and insulting as the one he sent four years ago. The guffaws start right at the top of Pg 1 of the bulky letter:

I know that every election is important and has consequences, but there have been few times in our nation's history when the political stakes have been higher than they are right now.

Our way of life - the very freedoms, liberty and security - that so many generations of Americans worked to build and fought to protect could all be destroyed if Barack Obama wins reelection. (emphasis as in the letter)

Bwwaaaaahahahahaha! That's a laff riot! McCain, a destroyer of liberty calls out Obama? That's rich!

This Romney-Obama matchup looks exactly like McCain-Obama to me. Two statists, pick one. I'm completely, utterly alienated by both Romney & Obama. To send McCain as the messenger to me? Well, I guess if Obama sent a letter to me from Bernie Sanders, it would be on par.

Now, if only I could fit a brick inside the postage paid return envelope to the Republican National Committee.

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Matt Wittlief said...

Ha! I donated to Paul in the 2008 primary, but I'm not getting this stuff. LOL

I think I'd put more credence in something from Bernie than McCain. At least Bernie isn't afraid to call himself a socialist! I respect that; and he's occasionally voted against expansion of the state.