Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Campaign Manager

I've agreed to manage Brad Klopfenstein's campaign for City-County Council, District 15, in Marion County/Indianapolis.

That's a funny thing, because Brad is the Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. By virtue of his job, he's made all the contacts and he knows all the people he needs to reach and all the events he needs to attend. By conventional wisdom, I'm perfectly useless as a campaign manager. After all, I've been in Indiana less than a year.

What I can offer Brad is inspiration, motivation, and the whipcracking of a taskmaster. That is something he really wants to have, so it will be unconventionally perfect.

We're running to win, which means we will raise money, make lots of appearances, go door-to-door, and try to win over the press. We have a tall task ahead of us, but we start with some fuel. The Fraternal Order of Police endorsed Brad over his Democratic and Republican rivals. Also, he has some money left from previous campaigns that will be put to work here. But the district is mainly Democrat. We're used to working with taking votes from Republicans. Taking them from Democrats is a new challenge. We're working on strategy to do just that. It's our best chance.

Brad has a good theme to work from: Restoring Pride and Integrity to Indy Neighborhoods. That should resonate with voters of any pursuasion.

Less than 90 days until the election. It seems like a lot of time and no time at all, at once. I know it will go quickly.

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