Monday, August 11, 2003

Time to Compare Attendance Figures

Al Barger posted praise of Lynyrd Skynyrd about a month ago, lamenting that band's absence from the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame while the Sex Pistols are there. I emailed Al and argued in defence of Mr. Rotten and the gang's place, saying that while Skynyrd may have made sweeter tunes, the Pistols' have had a lasting impact, inspiring more folks to form a band even today than Skynyrd ever has. Plus, 'God Save The Queen' is easily the late 20th Century's best- and most effective- protest song ever recorded.

As luck would have it, both bands are currently on tour, and both will play Chicago (closest stop to Indy) on the same day- August 29th.

Oak tree, your're in my way, I'm off to see the Sex Pistols!

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