Friday, August 15, 2003

Nary an Edit!

This hasn't happened in years! The local 'alternative' arts & news paper, NuVo, printed my letter without deleting, paraphrasing or adding a single word. They've thwarted my before & after exercise! I'm rather pleased. Here's the letter:

Who can blame Steve Laudig's choice of Hawaii for his Ph.D. studies? Indy's loss is the 50th state's gain.

I am hopeful that you continue to look to the law offices on the corner of Market & Alabama for the issuing of blunt statements that need saying and the tormenting of the powers-that-be. You see, the firm of Laudig, George, Rutherford & Sipes is not only home to a Democratic power, but a Libertarian power as well.

Laudig's partner Mark Rutherford is the State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana. Under Rutherford's direction, the LPIN has blossomed into a respected and growing party, gaining the admiration and support of citizens feeling the weight of property tax increases and of small business owners. LP candidates such as Rev. Greg Dixon and Brad Klopfenstein are poised to challenge seriously for City-County Council seats in November.

Democrats are no longer the underdogs in this city, and Laudig helped make this so. Libertarians won't be underdogs for long, either, and Rutherford will have had a significant hand in the rise, both in Indianapolis and statewide.

-Michael R. Kole
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Indiana

I honestly didn't even think they would print it. I have long been down on NuVo for at once calling themselves, "Indy's Free Thinking Entertainment Source," because 'free thinking' on their pages usually means 'Democrat' or 'socialist'. But hey, I was wrong and gave them too little credit. Now I say, "Thank You".

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