Sunday, October 03, 2004

Badnarik Visits, Charms

Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik's personal touch has improved enormously since his 2nd 2004 Indiana visit back in April (this one was his 4th), where he scarcely mingled throughout the room to ask people for their support and votes. Now he does just that, seeking out every person he hasn't yet spoken to. He joked about how he has media in four locations claiming him as their own, with local-boy-does-well stories.

Of course, he was on the trail, giving his stump speech, seeking financial support. Badnarik's entire presentation was extemporaneous. He has Iraq as his top issue, with the economy as his second. Unlike Kerry's "opposition" to Bush, Badnarik in unequivocal in the Iraq adventure as a mistake, not to be corrected by a lengthier, more expensive stay, but by getting out. He took questions from the crowd, and would have done Q&A all night had I allowed him to go on.

A nice event yesterday. A couple drove all the way from St. Louis to see Badnarik, along with another couple from the southern Indiana border. A full room, with many LP candidates and state officials present, along with other supporters.

I had the honor of introducing him to the crowd, reminding them and the reporters present that unlike Bush and Kerry, Michael Badnarik is still campaigning across the 50 states, not just Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

I thanked him for his visit and told him that it was important to me as a county chair that he is continuing to go to non-swing states like Indiana. After all, a visit like this boosts the state and local parties, and especially the local candidates. That's what matters to a county chair. Pity the D's and R's here, who couldn't get their candidates to visit Hamilton County under any circumstances.

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