Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blogcritics Debate Posted

The debate took place, and there was a lot of agreement between Natalie Davis (and independent who represented the Green Party) and myself. It wasn't total agreement, of course. Where there was disagreement, it was sharp and nearly diametric opposition. Still, to those only aware of left-right, Republican-Democrat, our positions had to be eye-opening. The transcript, with site visitor comments.

We covered a lot of ground: Iraq/foriegn policy, unemployment/outsourcing of jobs, war on drugs, human rights/equality, democracy, and even the Pledge of Allegience. I wish we had gotten into health care, but you can't solve all the world's problems in one sitting.

Thanks to Blogcritics' Dawn Olsen for inviting me to participate and for moderating. Thanks to Natalie for a spirited, even-handed debate.

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