Friday, October 08, 2004


Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm betting that most visitors are here as a result of my recent Blogcritics debate with Natalie Davis.

If you agreed with the things I said, and the Libertarian perspective, I'd like to ask you to do some things:

  • Vote for Libertarian candidates on Tuesday, November 2, in the General Election
  • Join the Libertarian Party and become active in your local party
  • Get yard signs and bumper stickers promoting Libertarian candidates and display them
  • Consider running for office as a Libertarian candidate in the next election cycle

I'm doing all of these things, and I find it very rewarding. If you agree with the Libertarian perspective, I have no doubt that you will derive great value and satisfaction as well.

Here are some Indiana LP links: Gubernatorial candidate Kenn Gividen; LPIN Central Committee District 5 Rep Chris Ward's blog; US Senate candidate Al Barger's (L-IN) candidate page; the Libertarian Party of Indiana page; Indiana candidates.

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