Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Laughable Letter

What happens when you drink the GOP's Kool-Aid by the 55 gallon drum? You write letters like this one, which appeared in today's Star:
The end of do-less, spend-more politicians

Gov. Mitch Daniels had a great start, but citizens are the real winners in the legislative session. Better conditions for business, lower cost of running the state and balanced budgets do not just happen; leaders must lead the needed change. For too long the state was run by spend-more, do-less politicians who cared little for how tax dollars were spent as long as they remained in power.

Those days are over, and we as citizens should remain alert to see they do not return.

Carl Hoffman

Let's see... The GOP dominated legislature saw to it that the budget grew and was not cut. The Republicans Governor added new layers of bureaucracy, and did not eliminate. Tax increases were put on the table. Some passed, some failed. No tax cuts were even put on the table. No spending cuts were put on the table, but some increases in spending that were lower than last year's increases were adopted.

With fiscal conservatives like the Hoosier GOP, who needs liberal Democrats? You don't want the days of the tax-and-spenders to return? They never left.

The GOP has no commitment to lower taxes and smaller government. The only way you'll get that is by voting Libertarian.

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