Friday, May 06, 2005

Speak Up!

I found it very rewarding to stand before the County Council and voice my opposition to the proposed wheel tax. I strongly urge opponents of new taxes, larger government, and more spending to do likewise, especially if you are a Libertarian candidate or official. It's an opportunity to let the councils know that there is real opposition, and that they could face continued opposition at the ballot box. The citizens who agreed with my positions came up to me after the meeting to shake my hand, and I talked about getting them involved with the Libertarian Party. Plus, a quote in the newspaper is always a possibility.

I've done the legwork for you. Here are some meetings coming to a Town Hall near you:

Monday, May 9, 7pm / Indianapolis / Smoking Ban
Monday, May 9, 7pm / Westfield / possibly, 1% Restaurant Tax
Tuesday, May 10, 7pm / Noblesville / possibly, 1% Restaurant Tax
Monday, May 16, 7pm / Carmel / possibly, 1% Restaurant Tax
Monday, May 16, 7pm / Fishers / possibly, 1% Restaurant Tax

If you are a resident of these places, you have standing to speak before the Councils and voice opposition to new taxes. You could be the persuasive voice that makes the difference!

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