Thursday, May 05, 2005

Please Forgive My Cynicism

Actually, I'm a real sucker for motivational stuff- everything from the motivational speakers to their products, like the posters that have a picture of an eagle soaring over a canyon with a message about leadership. Also, I'm generally not a big fan of Dilbert or the kind of guy who takes the 'Same Stuff, Different Day' approach. I like work and believe in what I do, so that stuff is generally oppressive to me.

And yet, a co-worker led me to, and I laughed and laughed. The site' s parody of the motivational stuff I enjoy so much is so brutal, so hopelessly cyncial as to bring serious comic relief. After all, there is the man who loves what he does and has serious goals, and then there's the man who desperately needs for someone to take the piss out of him.

Here's a priceless example of one of their posters. It's an image of a snowball that has rolled down a hill, growing in the process.

A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of distruction.

Kind of like the Legislature! Sorry. Was that too cynical?

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