Thursday, May 26, 2005

Letters Results

The Star did not print my letter, but gratefully, they did print two letters by Libertarians in the wake of the smoking ban in today's edition.

Diluted smoking ban still stinks for businesses

The smoking ban passed by the Indianapolis City-County Council may be diluted from the original plan, but it still stinks like a cheap cigar.
Council member Angela Mansfield says the community wanted this, but did she think about the business community that will suffer from the law she wrote?
People smoke of their own personal choice; so let the businesses make their own choices on what goes on inside their buildings.
Christopher D. Ward
Chair, Libertarian Party of Hancock County
New Palestine
Council plays it safe on smoking, gay issues
The May 23 vote on the smoking ordinance was very disappointing. Yes, I abhor the smell of smoke and its effects, but I abhor the loss of personal freedom, an ever-expanding government and the belief that individuals have the right to dictate to others how to run their business. The hypocrisy and inconsistency involved is overwhelming.
From a consistency standpoint the City-County Council should have passed the anti-bias ordinance also. On one hand the council said landlords can choose whom to rent to but business owners cannot choose whom to serve. However, it voted safe on both issues, not on principle.
Greg A. Dixon
Chair, Libertarian Party of Marion County

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