Friday, May 27, 2005

Not Just The Doughnut Facing Tax Increases

The counties surrounding Marion Co. are all facing 1% tax increases on food & beverages at the very least. Hamilton County, reputed as the most Republican county in the state, has also thrown a wheel tax increase on the table.

Madison County lies just outside the doughnut, and they are also considering a wheel tax increase on the table.

Check out the Anderson Herald Bulletin article, and especially the comments below. It looks like finally, at long last, the good people of Anderson and Madison County have reached a breaking point on taxes. This is good news for the Libertarian Party of Madison County, which is the only pary opposing these taxes. Thanks to Paul Zimmerman for the email tip on this item.

But that's the usual. Republicans and Democrats support tax increases. The Libertarian Party opposes tax increases and supports the people keeping their money in their pockets.

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