Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday's Drunken Sailor Report

If you read a news report that contained text such as the next paragraph does, do you think the Senate would be approving or rejecting a bill that calls for more money? From an AP report:
...public support for Bush and the Iraq fighting has slipped, U.S. casualties have climbed and Congress has grown increasingly frustrated with the direction of the conflict.

The President's recent speech on Iraq and his War on Terror was not given for no reason. The Senate approved another $50 billion for efforts in Iraq & Afganistan.

Before my friends on the Left point the finger across the aisle, you have to understand the score on the vote.


That's unanimous, and it's incredible.

My Republican friends, you have to talk to your team about the spending, or at long last come over to the Libertarians, who mean what they say about cutting spending. You aren't getting what you vote for.

My Democratic friends, you have to talk to your team about their position on the war. They're glad to exploit Cindy Sheehan while she exploits her son, but all of your Senators voted essentially to extend the war. Come over to the Libertarians. You aren't getting what you vote for.

Hat tip: Gregg Puls. Thanks!

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