Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Drumbeat

Q: How do you set up the Republicans with minority party status?
A: Give them the majority and wait a while.

From Clark County Libertarian Debbie Harbeson on local Republicans in today's Jeffersonville Evening News:
Time To Really Control Spending

In September 2004 I received a campaign flyer from the local Republican Party. I still have it. The flyer contains signatures of local candidates pledging to oppose frivolous spending. I remember wondering how they defined frivolous. After the Clark County Council's recent budget process, I bet constituents are wondering too.

From small business guru Raymond Keating, in today's Noblesville Daily Times:
Discontent rises over out-of-control government spending. In fact, frustrations can even be detected in our nation's capital. Now that's saying something, and might even be a bit unnerving to some.
Some have thought over the years that Republicans were for limited government. But little evidence can be found today of such principles. Unfortunately, though, this is not too surprising. Since taking over both the White House and Congress, Republicans have been on a spending binge.

Consider that total outlays grew by an annual average of 7.1 percent from fiscal year 2002 through fiscal year 2004. That was more than three times the rate of inflation.

The GOP has been alienating its fiscal conservative base for some time. The list could be exceedingly long, but just consider:
  • The President has not issued a single veto
  • The GOP-dominated Congress has raised spending at levels greater than LBJ ever dreamed of
  • Gov. Mitch Daniels' offered an income tax hike within his first 10 days in office
  • Daniels swiped the Colts stadium deal from Mayor Peterson and publicly funding what should have been private
  • Tax hikes on food & beverages were approved by all-Republican County Councils in Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, and Shelby Counties
  • Likewise these taxes passed by all-GOP councils in Carmel, Martinsville, Noblesville, and Westfield.
Then the GOP alienated its socially conservative base with the tepid nomination of Harriet Miers, when the base wanted the knock-down, drag-out fight on abortion.

I know that most of the socially conservative Republicans won't be joining the Libertarian Party over this. They're spitting nails right now, but they haven't been trashed as relentlessly as the fiscal conservatives have.

If you are a fiscal conservative and you voted Republican in 2004, you wasted your vote. It's time to get what you want- smaller government, lower taxes and lower spending- by voting Libertarian in 2006.

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LP Mike Sylvester said...

There is no doubt about it. I have been contacted by a lot of alienated fiscal conservatives over the last few months.

The Republican Party is a LARGE government Party today.