Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Now It´s Personal!

The Noblesville Daily Times reported on the odd case of the Scott Faultless voluntary annexation into Fishers. Faultless is the Fishers Town Council President. His Geist property was annexed into Fishers. None of his neighbors on either side of him have been annexed. Yep- odd. Faultless is now complaining that the discussion has turned personal. From William Fouts´article in the Daily Times:
Faultless said the group is trying to divert attention from the Geist annexation by attacking his credibility. He said the allegations are false and omit key facts.

“I'm glad they're talking about the merits of the (Geist) annexation and not making it personal,” Faultless said with sarcasm in his voice. “That's purely what they're doing. They're having a difficult time talking about the merits. Now they just attack.”

That´s a very telling statement. When 2,200 homeowners faced having their properties forcibly grabbed by the Town under the leadership of Faultless, it apparently wasn´t personal in his view. Pointing out the obviously questionable ethics in the case of his own parcels, however, somehow is personal. This is what we call being incredibly self-centered, and incredibly out of touch. It only matters if it affects him.

This is not the big picture issue on the annexation. The annexation itself is the big issue. Forced annexation is wrong, period. However, Faultless is wrong on one major count. He claims that to focus on the annexation of his lot is to sidestep the real issues of merit on annexation. I disagree completely. Indeed, the key selling point Fishers offered the residents of Geist was the superiority of it´s government. What is revealed here is a loose grip on ethics by the Town Council as a whole. They knew whose lots the Faultless annexations involved, and yet, they voted in favor of them. So much for a superior government.

So, personal or not, Mr. Faultless should resign immediately. The other members of the Council who voted for the Faultless annexations should also resign.

This issue was also reported by WISH-TV. Link.

The Fishers Blog has also covered this issue, and has included a lengthy quote from my previous entry, which I appreciate very much. Link.

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