Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This Is Why They Say It´s Like Making Sausage

Jeers to Rep. Jeff Thompson, who took perfectly decent legislation that would help curb eminent domain abuse, and added a stupid, devisive amendment that would strip anti-discrimination legislation from cities like Indianapolis, which recently passed a law banning discrimination against gays. From the Indy Star report:

Action in the Indiana House was called off abruptly Tuesday after a Republican lawmaker tried to pass an amendment that would strike down gay-rights ordinances in Indianapolis and other cities.

In a highly unusual move, House Speaker Brian C. Bosma, R-Indianapolis, adjourned the House for the day in the middle of the debate over the amendment offered by Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Lizton.

Thompson´s amendment would have made certain that some lawmakers who supported the eminent domain restrictions would have changed their votes so as not to look like bigots. I´m sure Thompson´s thinking was to appease his socially conservative voters. But at the risk of hurting good property rights law? Horrible!

Leave well enough be. Put no amendments on the eminent domain bill!

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