Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ads Running!

Be certain to tune in to WXNT 1430-AM in Indianapolis to hear my unusual campaign ads. They are running once per hour, from 7am to 8pm, every day in the run-up to the Primary Election.

The ads are unusual in that neither I nor any other partisan Libertarian appears on the Primary ballots. The ad calls attention to this fact, and to the nature of the slating of candidates by the parties. Libertarians bear the costs of their conventions. Republicans and Democrats soak the taxpayers for a Primary Election that gets less than 25% average participation statewide.

The purpose is to highlight yet another area of waste caused by Rs & Ds, and to show that a better way is out there.

Another thing the ads did was advise voters that they can still participate, even if the Primaries are widely perceived as private party business. I urge non-partisans, scratch voters, Libertarians, and independents to vote- simply ask for the School Board Ballot. This frees you from having to take a partisan R or D ballot.

The Secretary of State's Office spent $1.2 million to educate Hoosiers about voter ID, but didn't put any money or effort into educating non-partisan, non-R & non-D voters. Don't ever wonder why turnout is so low.

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