Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Pics, New Poll

I finally got my photo software working again, so I added many pictures to posts from the past few weeks. Everything from the Stadium Authority-NK Hurst press conference to some of my speaking engagements. Scroll back to see them.

Also, there is a new poll. It comes in response to what I perceive as a slight by the major media in Central Indiana. It is my belief that Libertarians have a valid place in the coverage by virtue of the ballot access we have earned and maintained over the years, by virtue of the fact that we run serious and qualified candidates for office, and frankly due to the fact that if our government seems screwed up, just remember that it is an almalgam of Republican and Democrat ideas.

I believe the major media is enormously out of touch with a populace begging for new ideas. The major media doesn't cover things it doesn't believe to be big. Of course, no new idea starts its life as anything but small, so the major media could only be out of touch in this regard.

But, that's just me. The poll is open to anyone. If I'm wrong, let me see it! The poll is on the right side of the page.

The last poll wasn't terribly great, I confess. It asked if the reader planned to attend their party's conventions. There was only one vote each for attending a Republican or Democratic convention and for voting on a partisan D or R ticket. I know the turnout will be low for the Primary, but this is ridiculous.

Enjoy the new pics and poll!

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