Sunday, April 23, 2006

Radio Notes

Is this sounding familiar? Tune in to 1430-am WXNT in Indy Monday morning at 7:45, for the "Abdul in the Morning" show. I'll be calling in with comment on the Stadium Authority's spin-o-rama on the NK Hurst deal. In fact, tune in at 7:00am, as Rick Hurst will be on with Abdul to talk about the deal. Listen from anywhere online, at

WXNT includes Libertarians with frequency. I like to reward this fact, and besides, a great many friends of liberty listen to the station because of the kind of programming they air.

This is the primary election season, and with it, high advertising season. The political rates for advertising are in effect this week, and I would like to take advantage.

1-minute ads are going for about $9/each. This is about 20% of the usual rate! I would like to place about 100-125 ads on the station in the run-up to the primary.

I know- Libertarians aren't in the primaries. That's a point worth making. Libertarians don't cost the taxpayers a dime when it comes to the slating of its candidates. It's time the Democrats and Republicans stopped riding the backs of the taxpayers for their party business. They should stage conventions, too, just like the Libertarian Party. We'll also let voters know that we support voting machines that produce an auditable paper trail because we believe voters should leave the polls knowing their vote was accurately counted.

Let's raise $1,000 in the next 24 hours, and I'll make the buy on WXNT. If you want to see ads of this nature on stations outside of Indy, contact me with the station call letters, frequency, and location (e.g.: WXNT 1430-am, Indianapolis), and the amount of support you are giving to get it done, and the Kole Campaign will do the rest.

Here's the fastest way to contribute- Follow this link for safe, secure, online credit card donations. When contributed this way, the money is available immediately.

This campaign is doing things Libertarian campaigns haven't done before. We will see results. Join the excitement!

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