Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Finally, Another Challenger

I was beginning to think that the Democrats were going to forget about running a Secretary of State candidate, but yesterday a soft announcement was made that there will in fact be a Democrat in the game.

The reporting was interesting. The Indy Star report pointed to a wonderful reason to elect Mike Kole Secretary of State:
After governor, no office is more important to the political parties than secretary of state. If the House is tied 50-50 after this November's general election, the party that wins this office also wins control of the House.

Take us right to the top in the House! Elect Kole!

Big numbers in this race will make political life in Indiana very interesting. I think it's clear that the Ds & Rs underestimated Libertarian tenacity and endurance when they wrote the rules, never expecting that we could reach their thresholds. We have, and we are continuing the climb up the ladder!

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