Sunday, May 21, 2006

Great Time in Harrodsburg

Big, big thanks to the Monroe County Libertarians, including Margaret Fette, Bob Grisham, Duncan Adams, and Sandy May Parkes, for putting together an excellent parade and fair presence in Harrodsburg Saturday.

This event helped kick off Kole's Parade Brigade. After all, everyone loves a parade. I think the pictures show that abundantly.

Photo info: Top photo, from left is Margaret Fette, Sandy Parkes May's son and two friends ready to pass out candy. Second photo: Sandy and Margaret enjoying a moment just before the start of the parade. Third photo: Bob Grisham staffs the Libertarian Party booth at the Community Center. Bottom photo: Duncan Adams gives me a good-natured ribbing.

This was just an excellent event. The people of southern Monroe County were very interested in Libertarian postions on issues such as extending I-69 and taxes, especially. There was a lot of 'looking for a complete change from Rs & Ds' sentiment expressed. We made it a point only to distribute literature to those who wanted it- and we gave it all away.

I love doing the small-town events, because the statewide candidates rarely appear here. People were very appreciative. Plus, I had an awesome lemon pepper pork loin sandwich!

We'll be at parades and fairs around the state this year. Come join the fun and support the campaign! Contact Rob Place to join the Parade Brigade!

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