Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kole's Parade Brigade

They say everyone loves a parade. This campaign season, we're going to be enjoying a lot of parades!

Join the fun with the Kole Campaign Saturday afternoon at the Harrodsberg Heritage Days, in southern Monroe County. Mapquest link. Line up begins at 1pm, and the parade starts at 2pm.

There is more Libertarian outreach available than just the parade, as there will be an info booth staffed with volunteers, Friday from 6pm-dusk, and Saturday from 10am-dusk.

This is a great opportunity to increase Libertarian visibility, Kole name recognition, and to promote our positions on key issues, such as opposition to new terrain I-69; support for referrendums on DST towards self-determination on the county level; and support for property rights.

I'll look forward to marching with you Saturday!

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