Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rex Bell's View on Libertarians and the Star

Wayne County Chair Rex Bell's "My View" letter was printed in today's Star. It addresses recent Star columnist comments about Libertarians, but more importantly, shows the value of our presense on the ballot and addressing policy issues. From the letter:
All across Indiana, the Libertarian Party steps up whenever the government feels its interests trump the rights of property owners.

From LaPorte County, to Hamilton County, to Floyd County, people can depend on the Libertarians to be the only party that will consistently oppose forced annexations and smoking bans on private property. The Libertarians are the only party that consistently and honestly calls for an end to property taxes, and for reducing the size, scope and cost of government.

Is there a place in our political system for a party that is uncompromising in its quest for limited government and individual freedom? Is there a place in that system for a party that is unapologetic in its support for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? I think there has to be. I also think it will be a sad day in our history when there isn't.
Thanks, Rex.

Actually, it's a great letters section today. My second-favorite is from Gary E. Spittal of Indianapolis. Here's just one great line from his letter:
Is there a Republican left in Congress who can claim to be a fiscal conservative without provoking raucous laughter?

Sure, there are a few. But they all get taken to the woodshed by Republican leadership when they push too hard.

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