Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kole's Wish List

Supporters routinely ask me where I need help in the campaign. Here's one of the most important things, and it doesn't involve writing a check for $100.

Take the day off for Election Day, and work a polling place. Wear a purple Kole t-shirt and hand out my palm cards.

Having a person at the polling place is generally good for an extra 2-5% at that location. Many voters do not actually decide who to vote for until the moment they arrive at the polling place. Let's have a vote for Kole be that last-minute decision.

Email me to make your commitment for Election Day today, at Let me know that you will be there, and that you will need a t-shirt, palm cards, and yard signs for the polling place.

Do this, and you will have done a great thing for me.

Of course, if you want to write that check for $100, please send it to:

Committee to Elect Mike Kole
1427 W. 86th Street, Box 227
Indianapolis IN 46260

Or, follow this link to donate online.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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