Saturday, August 19, 2006

T Minus 80 Days...

Yes, just 80 days to the General Election. One of the things Solid Libertarian candidates struggle against is the "wasted vote syndrome". Many people tell me that they like what I stand for, and they like Libertarians, but they are afraid that it would be a wasted vote.

My campaign manager, Rob Place, ran for Noblesville City Council in 2003. Many people told him this, and yet he got 43%. If all the people who tole him they were afraid of wasting their vote did cast it for Rob, he would be the Councilor today. In fact, those who believed in Rob and voted for the other candidate, or didn't vote at all- those are the people who wasted their votes. They could have had what they wanted!

In addition to my platform positions on Secretary of State issues, I stand for lower taxes, smaller budgets, and less intrusive government in most areas of life.

If it seems that the other parties talk about these things, they do. They talk. But actions matter. Republicans and Democrats act to create higher taxes, larger budgets, and bring ever more intrusive government into every area of life. They work together to ensure their comfortable re-elections.

If you are dissatisfied with government, just remember that it is the creation of Republicans and Democrats, and their ideas- higher taxes and spending; government that intrudes into your personal life; government that doesn’t respect your right to your property.

Voting Republican & Democrat resulted in the mess we have today. Voting Republican or Democrat will only make things worse. You can’t change things by doing the same thing over and over.

People sometimes tell me they would like to vote Libertarian, but they are afraid of wasting their vote. There are a lot of wasted votes every year.

Any time someone wanted lower taxes and less spending, and voted Republican, they wasted their vote.
Any time someone wanted less intrusive government and wider civil liberties, and voted Democrat, they wasted their vote.

There is a Republican governor and Republican majorities in both Indiana House & Senate, and yet your taxes have not gone down, and the size of the budget remains out of control under their watch. They brag about their budget being in the black, but it was done on a massive infusion of cash and greater efficiency. They haven't cut a budget yet. It isn’t because the Republicans can’t cut taxes and spending. It is because they aren’t willing to do the job. Libertarians will do the job!

Vote Libertarian! Support Mike Kole’s campaign for Secretary of State. Elect Mike and other Libertarians, and you will be pleased with the results.

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