Friday, January 26, 2007

Justice, Swiftly Delivered

I was just thinking back to the old pre-Super Bowl days, when NFL championships were hosted by one of the teams. As a kid, I heard stories of how Cleveland was really abuzz in 1964 when the Browns hosted the Big Game, because the action was all right there- not in Miami, or Pasadena,or under a dome.

I was further thinking how good it really is that the Big Game isn't being hosted here in Indianapolis. Bart would have to play Hide The Homeless for two weeks and then pray to God the murders and carjacking subside.

So it came to pass that Indy suffered another carjacking last night. This would have been all over the national news, I'm sure, if the Big Game were being played here. Let's hope the news story makes the national news anyhow, because it has a happy ending. From the Star:
Indianapolis metropolitan police said a man who tried to steal a car at an Eastside service station was shot by the car's owner.

The would-be car thief was placed under arrest and sent to the hospital. The car's owner, Isaac Wilson, was questioned by detectives but not arrested. Police said they would submit the case to the Marion County prosecutor for a decision on charges.

Steven A. Dotson, 32, was arrested on a preliminary charge of attempted carjacking. Police said he was at a service station at 25th Street and Keystone Avenue when Wilson stopped for fuel in his Jaguar. When Dotson tried to take the Jaguar, Wilson pulled a gun and shot Dotson in the knee.

Now, that is justice! Better than that, it's a reminder to any would-be carjacker that while Indy may be Bart's Wild West, the law-abiding citizenry has not yet been fully emasculated and served up to criminals as defenseless milquetoast. Oh no! Isaac Wilson has shown that if you take criminal action, the risks are immediate, not set to some indetermine future time the cops should happen to show up.

Carjackings are crimes of great opportunity. The thief has the getaway vehicle, after all. By time the bewildered victim gets his bearings and calls 911, the robber is miles down the road. The police usually fail to find the perp. So, Wilson has done what law enforcement couldn't do- remind would-be carjackers that there is an immediate risk to life and limb. This is just one of the many reasons I support both the US Constitution and the Indiana Constitution and thier provisions for bearing arms. Criminals never mind bearing arms. It goes with the territory. When citizens are known to be armed, they are far less likely to be robbed. Every carjacker in Indianapolis must now think twice, and didn't have to until today.

Good show, Isaac Wilson!

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