Monday, January 22, 2007

Scary, Scary, Scary

No, not the ability of the Colts to comeback when all looks hopeless. I'm talking about the number of bills filed by Indiana House Representatives and Senators in this year's full session: 1,420.

This is scary because I agree with Mark Twain's age-old wisdom that nobody's money or liberty are safe when the legislature is in session. Scary because hte legislators cannot possibly read ever word of every bill, as they should. Scary that in the recent past, there were even more bills filed in those sessions. It's scary that the Indy Star printed an article that contained actual news! Is the sky falling?

The only saving grace is that about 3/4 of the bills filed fail to become law. As usual, the overwhelming majority of the bills would make government more intrusive, more expensive, and make government bigger. Let's hope the bi-partisan kumbaya spirit offered by Daniels evaporates immediately and less than 10% become law.

Great Indy Star article. Actual news!


Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly only 1 of the Colts is actually from Indianapolis; only 4 attended college in Indiana.

Old Yeller said...

All legislators should be limited to filing one bill per year.

Then there should be a yearly public flogging for the most ridiculous one filed.