Friday, January 26, 2007

The Kickback Arrives

You had to figure that since the Colts were able to pursuade the Legislature to pass a law allowing the doughnut counties to raise a tax to build their revenue-generating palace, plus the City-County Council, there had to be some kind of kickback. Well, today we learn what that kickback is. From Mary Beth Schneider's article:
Too bad you're not a politician.

The Indianapolis Colts on Thursday offered the 150 lawmakers in the state legislature and other Indiana politicians -- including Indiana's two U.S. senators, nine members of Congress and the 29 members of the City-County Council -- two tickets for the face value of $600 each.

Here we see what an ingrate piker that Jim Irsay is. 450 tickets at face value absolutely pales compared to the amount raised in taxes.

Interestingly, those making comment on the article are shouting indignation that the politicians cut the line in front of season ticket holders. It tells us a lot about the partial sense of justice Hoosiers have. Yeah, the season ticket holders should come first, but what about the taxpayers? The taxpayers are building the new stadium, so where's the cry for them? (I mean, besides from me and Fred McCarthy.)


Joe said...

I don't blame Irsay one bit - look at all the good will he's getting for such a small sum of money. Heck, look at all the money the city shoveled at him to stay - and he barely said a peep in public! Imagine if he was a publicity hound like Jerry Jones.

I would blame my legislator for taking the tickets due to, geez I dunno, the conflict of interest? The fact they're in session? The fact they're so clueless about how their constituents would feel about the deal?

Kevin said...

AS a follow up read the police attitude in this story. It was just recently that the Indy police chief said on Abduls show that they could not be everywhere. Now it just give them what they want.

Kevin said...

Sorry posted that comment in the wrong entry.

Mike Kole said...

Joe, I guess I don't blame Irsay either. If I happened to be standing around and people lavished gifts and money on me, I'd probably just say 'thank you' as well.

Absolutely blame my governor, my legislators, my county councilors, somebody else's mayor, and a whole bunch of county councils and city councils.

I was told by a Hamilton County councilor that in a closed doors meeting Mitch Daniels threatened the County with a loss of INDOT funding if they voted against the food & beverage taxes.