Monday, February 05, 2007


Well, this is fun! I've never lived in a city that won a major sports championship before, and I'm enjoying it... at least until I start finding that people are playing hooky today and I end up leaving a hundred voice mails.

I know this game will go down as the coronation of Peyton Manning, but to me the best part of the game was watching Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai run all over the Bears' vaunted defense. Erlacher & Co. were supposed to be the difference makers, shutting down the run, forcing Manning to pass under extreme pressure. It never materialized.

But, teams often need to lose a big game or two before they advance. This was true of the Colts, and I suspect that the Bears will return to next season's play a stronger, smarter team.

Now, to gloat a bit. I was off on the prediction, Bears fans. I guess in figuring them for 27 points against the Colts, I had envisioned at least two returns for touchdowns. I'll look forward to your hat-in-hand posts shortly. Chris Ward, this means you.


Anonymous said...

da bears said
"Grossman may be a little eratic but that wont matter. When he plays well the team wins 100%, when he plays badly they win 75%.
That means even if he has a bad game you only have a 1 in 4 chance to beat Da Bears."

Someone else said that "Ditka was God" well I sure didn't see him anywhere on the sideline (they could have used some divine intervention!)

Urlacher might be tough but it's a team game and as fast as he is he sure can't cover runs and passes simultaneously. Quarterbacks who fumble the snap and then RUN AWAY FROM THE BALL don't have the talent or maturity to play in the big game. Especially not against the AFC best. As far as I'm concerned the New England game was the real Super Bowl (we're just lucky it wasn't played in Foxboro).

Anonymous said...

You say Grossman lacks the talant and maturity to play in big game? Stoopid nonsense. First of all, he just played in the big game. He may not have won but he took his team to the superbowl. It took Manning how many years to get to the Superbowl? Rex did it in 2 years, and last year he hardly played. Is that what you mean by Maturity? For almost a decade, the talk about Manning was that he could not win the big one. Young Rex Grossman is way way way ahead of him in maturity.
Keep on underestimating Da Bears.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did Duh Bears even field a quarterback in that game? Considering the AFC domination of Super Bowl games over the last 10 or 15 years Duh Bears are still still the best of the worst. At least the Colts didn't have to petition a Superior Court to get all of their players on the field.

There's no need to "under"estimate. The performance speaks for itself.