Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Poll

Lookee to the right at the Super Bowl poll. Cast your vote!

Now, the reason I put it up there is that I suspect a good many regular readers are only here for the politics and couldn't give a rip about sports.

As for me, I usually don't care too much about the actual Super Bowl. I would normally watch for the commercials, but I never watch the halftime show. That's a good time to bring in some more wood for the fire and fold some laundry.

I rarely would watch the whole game. But this year is different with the Colts in the game. The region I live in is getting about as excited about it as it can, being fans of open wheel racing, NASCAR, college football, college and high school hoops before the NFL. So, I watch with interest, rooting for the Colts. I know that if they win, it's really nothing to do with me, but as long as we've made the policy decisions we have, and spent the money, we may as well get some return in enjoying any victories that may come on the field.

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