Saturday, February 10, 2007

Watch WFYI-TV Tonight!

Or Sunday. Libertarian State Chair Mark Rutherford will be appearing on WFYI TV-20 in Indianapolis, discussing the City of Indianapolis and its' effort to lure the Super Bowl in 2011. Fred Glass from the Improvement Board and State Senator Luke Kenley will also appear. Should be an interesting discussion.

Air times:

Saturday, 11pm
Sunday, 1pm

If you can't watch at those times, and lack a TiVo or VCR, no problem. Stream the broadcast online via this link. Many choices available.

I can't see being against the City winning the bid. I can see being against giveaways to the NFL that are merely transfers of wealth from the citizens to the league owners and players. What do you think? Check out the new poll.

Update: I went to watch on Sunday, but WFYI-TV had their beg-a-thon fundraiser and did not show the Indiana Lawmakers show as expected. Here's a better link to the show page.


Anonymous said...

I voted for the circuses, Anna N. Smith garners as much or more attention as the Iran invasion gin mills being fired up. It's about time for a Congressional pay raise too isn't it?


adaddy said...

Given. A cheap populism is not particularly helpful. Besides, Indy perhaps undeserved reputation as a redneck capital of the world, due to Indy racing, do not have to be reinforced further: it is not a good for a city image.

I wish he focused on real issues. Oh well..