Thursday, August 21, 2008

More On Disenfranchisement

WISH-TV reported on the partisan booting-from-ballot of three Marion County Libertarian candidates for township office. From WISH-TV's report:
A look at the 2008 form shows that it can be mistaken for a dividing line instead of a line for information.

"We were properly nominated at our convention. This was simply a certification of that nomination and we missed a line. I don't think it hurts the voters to have more people on the ballot just for a technical glitch. And I actually think it hurts the voters to take people off the ballot," said Maguire.

The forms come from the state. I-Team 8 tried to find out why they're changed year to year. The Indiana Election Division did not respond.

Chris Ward of Lawrence Township was the other booted.

The Marion County Elections Board is comprised of two Democrats and one Republican. All in favor of booting? "Aye!" Interestingly, word was that in Chris Ward's particular race, both the Democrat and Republican were off the ballot for improper filing. Their parties were permitted to "fill their vacancies" in time to be certified. Hmm. Interesting that their parties were notified well enough that they could do that, but the Libertarian Party was not.

"The Indiana Election Division did not respond". Big surprise. Why are the forms changed from year to year? For the purpose of eliminating candidates from the ballot, plain and simple. That's not hte kind of music the Election Division wants to face, so they'll continue to not respond. That's a very convenient solution.

Tim Maguire makes the important point: Which is more key to our system of government? A pristine form, or the opportunity of the voters to have the widest choice?

The bi-partisan Marion County Election Board has spoken- in favor of maintaining their duopoly.

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Eric Schansberg said...

In Clark Co., they allowed judicial candidates from the Reps and the Dems to get on the ballot after both of them messed up...Not sure if it's the same thing, but they were talking about how more choices were better than fewer.

varangianguard said...

Seems like there might be too much latitude allowed the local boards. Some kind of state standard ought to be applied, even if just in "excising judgement".

Mike Kole said...

Yes, a little consistency and a little guidance from the state Elections Board would be nice. As the news report showed, they chose not to even comment.

varangianguard said...


"excising" judgment. Freudian slip. I must have been unconciously thinking that their current (suspect) judgment abilities needed to be "excised".

At the time, I meant to type "exercising" judgment.

I see I typed a "variation spelling" as well "judgement".