Friday, February 25, 2011

Pretty Good Government

Whenever the legislature is in session... yeah, insert the Mark Twain quote here. But, at the beginning of each session, I try to be a bit positive and try to list things I can be hopeful might happen.

I was especially hopeful when, back during the election season, Republican governor Mitch Daniels called for a truce on social issues, urging his party to stick to economic issues. Republicans then retook the majority in the Indiana House, thereby giving them again ownership of both the Executive and Legislative branches of Indiana government.

Last time this happened, just a few years ago, I was hopeful that The Blade would work in tandem with the Republican legislature to cut the size and scope government. It didn't happen. So, my hopes were only marginal. But hey! Daniels is a presidential hopeful (possibly), so maybe his party would heed his advice? Not a chance.

I never expected to be delighted with gridlock. I hoped for it on the national scene, but thanks to the Democratic walkout, we are getting real gridlock here in Indiana.

I love it! As of now, the Democrats are the closest thing to the small government party, thanks to their flight to Illinois. And the good news rolls on. They have no intention of coming back on Monday! From the Indy Star:

Democrats have been in Urbana since leaving the Statehouse on Tuesday to shut down GOP efforts to advance several bills impacting labor unions and public schools.

“We will not be returning to the House floor session on Monday,” Bauer said. “There has been no progress in negotiations.”

Perfect! I think of all the lousy laws that might have advanced out of committees, or might have reached the floor for a vote. Going nowhere! If they continue to stay away? It might be the best legislative session in my 8.5 years here.

Of course, Daniels is promising an extended session. I wish he would recognize this as success.

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