Monday, August 08, 2005

Great Newspaper Reading

Few places I know of have as great a newspaper environment as Hamilton County. There are two local papers. The Noblesville Daily Times is a daily, while the Noblesville Ledger is a twice-weekly. Each has a special weekly edition for Fishers, where I live.

Both papers have real news staffs who cover actual news. Don't laugh. Look at your local newspapers and see if the majority of the front page isn't comprised of AP, New York Times, or other stories. Our local papers write about actual local news. Moreover, it isn't fluff. The Times and the Ledger cover Council meetings and goings-on that truly impact people.

The Indy Star gives Hamilton County more real news coverage than Indianapolis at times. The Star doesn't cover every council meeting within Marion County, but they do frequently manage to cover Hamilton County events. Well, this is where the high-dollar demographic can be found. Ergo, the coverage.

Anyway, today's Noblesville Daily Times is outstanding. Here are some links, for your pleasure.
  • My letter to the Daily Times on the GOP's hiring of a budget consultant.
  • The Supreme Court's Kelo v. New London decision is front page news as the Indiana Legislature studies the topic, with a hearing Wednesday. I could have been quoted in this article since I will attend, but the Reason Foundation was cited, and that's very good.
  • Raymond Keating's editorial offers a brief personal responsibility quiz. It should be published in every newspaper across the country.
Which leads me to recommend this to you: Forward a link to this blog entry to the editor of your local paper. Tell the editor that you want real news, and to cut out the fluff, and that you want a libertarian viewpoint at least occasionally represented. As with politicians, editors need to hear from you if you believe their direction is misguided. Likewise, if you like what you see, offer compliments. I subscribe to the papers. I tend to think they like that as much as a note of praise.

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