Friday, August 12, 2005

Un-SuperSize Me

You all know about SuperSize Me, where filmmaker Morgan Spurlock exclusively ate food from McDonald's for 30 days and put on a bunch of weight.

In reaction to this, some people are now doing the same thing angling for different results. From CNN:
One person went so far as to make her own independent film about dieting at McDonald's. "Me and Mickey D" follows Soso Whaley, of Kensington, New Hampshire, as she spends three 30-day periods on the diet. She dropped from 175 to 139 pounds, eating 2,000 calories-a-day at McDonald's.

Actually, McDonald's strikes me as a very forward thinking company. While many Americans are indeed sleepwalking through their lives, ordering burgers and fries meal after meal, others are taking advantage of McDonald's ever diversifying menu, which generally gets healthier as the months pass, not worse.
As might be expected, McDonald's also objected to the impressions left by Spurlock's film. Walt Riker, the company's vice president of corporate communications, said Oak Brook, Illinois-based company is pleased -- but not surprised -- that some customers have lost weight eating only at the fast-food giant.

Spurlock's film "really spurred a backlash based on common sense," Riker said.

Like anything else in life, the glass is either half empty or half full. McDonald's offers all sorts of selections, but ultimately, it's the choices the consumer makes that dictate weight gain or loss, health or ill health. It's just a cop-out to abdicate that self-responsibility.

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