Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Love My Home Town, But...

Another Hamilton County GOP Sneak Attack Tax

Remember: I speak up about my home town's policies because I love it, and want it always to improve, and never to drift from the things that made it great.

So it was said, on Page 4 of the Republican Party's pamphlet, "How To Govern," that the best thing to do when considering a tax at a public forum is to make sure the public has as little notice about it as possible, so as to minimize the opposition.

I got an email this afternoon from a Fishers restaurant owner advising me that the Town would be considering a 1% food & beverage tax at their Monday, August 15 meeting. He got the email from the Town Manager.

As of this post (date and time stamped below), the agenda is not yet posted on the Town's website.

The meeting is merely 4 days and 22 minutes away, and the public has not been notified, except by me, via a restaurant owner.

That's very convenient, if the objective is to minimize opposition attendance. It's very convenient if the objective is to make sure that the Libertarian Party can't stage another one of its pub crawls. Clearly, the objective is to minimize public input and participation.

That's just lousy representative government.

In the meantime, write the Council and tell them you are opposed to any increase in the food & beverage taxes. Here are the email addresses for the Fishers Town Council Members:

Scott Faultless, President -
Stuart Easley, Vice President -
Timothy Lima -
Eileen Pritchard -
Daniel Henke -
Charles White -
David George -

It didn't take long for me to have to work against my own letter of praise. *sigh*


LP Mike Sylvester said...

Tax and spend, tax and spend. Those Republcians iN Hamilton County sound like Democrats to me...

Michael said...

As I have said Democrats have found a way to get elected in Hamilton County. They just changed their name to Republican. A certain Republican head of party in this county said they needed to insure that libertarians did not infiltrate their party and, essentially destroy its purity. Guess he was looking in the wrong direction or this ain't your daddies GOP.