Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Love My Home Town

I was absolutely delighted when my home town of Fishers, IN was named one of the Top 25 places to live by Money Magazine. I had heard criticisms of Central Indiana from some friends and family based on their vastly outdated notion that this is 'flyover country'.

Guess what? New York City isn't on the list. Neither is Cleveland.

The Fishers Topics printed my letter in today's edition. It is reprinted below:
As a Fishers resident, I took a great deal of pride in the town's recent ranking as one of the best American communities in which to live. This ranking is a tribute to those visionary people who helped create what we see in Fishers today, from developers to civic leaders.

I believe my experience is fairly typical of so many other Fishers residents. After living in Marion County and comparing notes on the communities throughout the region, my wife and I made Fishers the place to live and to raise our family, as a matter of first choice.

The excellent school system, the parks, the friendly people, and the relative laissez-faire approach to government are but a few of the qualities that make Fishers so attractive.

While town residents and officials revel in this ranking, let us all keep in mind the difficult task that lies ahead: making a great community even greater.

Many communities experience declines after years of ascent. This is because they drift from the things that made them great in the first place.

Let us never lose sight of the things that make Fishers great: high standards for quality of life balanced by low taxes.

Let us be mindful, too, that when people speak in support of the things that make Fishers great, and in opposition to policies that would set us adrift, they do so because they love their community, and want it continue the climb to No. 1 in the rankings.

Mike Kole, Fishers

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