Sunday, September 04, 2005

Awful Scene, Awful Selective Coverage

Why is it that an important story about the horrible conditions within the Superdome immediately after the Hurricane passed is under-reported in the US? Why did I have to go to a New Zealand newspaper's site to find such a story?

It seems that a sizeable effort has been made to try to hide the facts, and probably with the major media's complicity. Why? If only that effort was more properly spent- in assisting and protecting the refugees- the situation might have been improved to the point that it would be reported on here. For my own edification, I gave up on the major media for this story and checked out New Orleans bloggers, who were on or near the scene, and who did not mince words.

Let's not hide the embarrassing stuff. Let's get it out in the open. That's the only way you can ever begin to address it.

Blog links:

The Interdictor. This is the most amazing blog I have seen since the events of September 11. The sheer volume and journalistic quality of the photographs will stagger you. Fans of historian Howard Zinn should take note. History books will one day give facts and statistics about Katrina. Anyone really wanting to get a detailed human look at humanity on the ground can already get it, first-hand. Talk about a primary source. Beware- you could spend a lot of time here. It's hard not to get caught up in the real-life drama.

Dancing With Katrina. I think the writers thought it would be cute to blog the Hurricane. Yeah, cute. It's worth reading to see reality sink in over time, and starkly depicted.

Google Earth. The satelite images of New Orleans for the days of Katrina are becoming available. You could rebuild, but why would you want to risk duplicating this mess?

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