Monday, September 05, 2005

Full Weekend of Campaign Activity

The Kole Campaign was busy this weekend, making three appearances, reaching people in a wide range of the state.

Wayne County held their annual fundraiser garage sale, and I was on hand Saturday to say hello to friends, supporters, and bargain hunters alike. Chair Rex Bell and his organization raised over $2,300 on the weekend.

I discovered the joy of making cotton candy. Ame & Isabel met the cows across the fence in Rex's backyard. From Hagerstown to Greenfield as Hancock County held a tax freedom rally and cookout. Excellent fellowship with Chair Chris Ward, campaign team member Jenn Bradshaw, and all of the Hancock County folks. Labor Day weekend is a great time for a tax freedom rally. No better time to remind people that you should have the first claim on the fruits of your labor, and not the government.
This morning, I sat in with Abdul on the morning show on WXNT. Of course, most conversation centered on Katrina and New Orleans, although the passing of Chief Justice William Rehnquist was discussed, and President Bush announced his move to have Roberts start his tenure on the Supreme Court as Chief.

It wasn't all Federal issues, as we did get around to talking about what the Libertarian Party has been doing lately in Indiana- mainly, providing the only consistent opposition to higher taxes.

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