Friday, September 09, 2005

Eminent Domain Update

While Katrina's aftermath dominates news coverage and attention spans, the fight in defense of property rights and against eminent domain abuse is advancing.

Today I received a letter from State Rep. Dave Wolkins (R-18), of Winona Lake IN. He is the Chair of the legislature's Interim Study Committee on Eminent Domain.

In the letter, Rep. Wolkins advised that the next meeting on the eminent domain issue will be held Wednesday, September 21 at 1pm in the House of Representatives Chamber, 3rd Floor, Statehouse. The agenda for the 9/21 meeting has been posted. Public comments will be taken, so I urge supporters to attend and to speak out.

Don't be afraid to drive from the remote corners of the state. At the last meeting, the first comments taken were from those who drove the furthest. I thought that was rather respectful.

Minutes from the first meeting at which I testified are available. My comments, and those of Mike Sylvester are condensed into a paragraph each in the minutes.

I urge supporters of property rights to contact Rep. Wolkins and express your support. Phone: 1-800-382-9841. Email by visiting his website. Or, write:

State Representative Dave Wolkins
Indiana House of Representatives
Room 401-8, Statehouse
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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