Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Gividen Letter Printed

Kenn Gividen was the Libertarian Party's candidate for Governor in 2004. He has been following issues surrounding the subject matter in high school newspapers. He draws a distinction between free enterprise journalism and taxpayer funded school journalism.

His letter to the Noblesville Daily Times is on the Noblesville High School newspapers deliberations over printing an article on oral sex. You may recall that Columbus High School's newspaper covered exactly this ground a few weeks ago. Kenn Gividen is a Columbus resident. Exerpt:
The students at North and Noblesville High Schools aren't to be blamed for exercising First Amendment rights. They are to be applauded. The staff and faculty of the schools, however, should be taken to task for gross incompetence.

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Robert Enders said...

Up here, Mike Sylvester wpoke on behalf of a student who self published a satire and distributed. The student was expelled, but Mike and I felt that the punishment was too harsh. When I attended South Side High School in Fort Wayne, we all did things way worse than that satire, and we only got suspension.

Anyway, the funny part was when this dingbat Democrat tried to post on Sylvester's blog. For whatever reason, it did not go through, so she put up a massive flame post on her blog about how Sylvester was "censoring" her and called him a hypocrite for advocating free speech for the student but not for her.