Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Radio Ads On WXNT

The Committee to Elect Mike Kole did buy ads on Newstalk 1430-am WXNT, airing on the "Abdul In The Morning" program, and on Neal Boortz.

I have had supporters ask if I have a schedule for the ads. Graciously, the good folks at WXNT did supply me with a schedule. The ads run two more days, Thursday & Friday. The schedule:

Thursday, February 9- 6:22AM, 6:45AM, 7:22AM, 7:33AM, 8:24AM, 8:46AM, 12:21PM, 12:51PM, 1:34PM, 2:50PM

Friday, February 10- 7:53AM, 8:53AM, 12:19PM, 1:49PM, 2:50PM

The ads promote the Campaign's organizational meeting on Saturday, 2-4pm, at Claude & Annie's in Fishers, located at the southwest corner of 141st & SR 37. They also promote the Libertarian Party as the true home for people who believe in smaller government and lower taxes.

Tune in to WXNT 1430-am, or listen online. Go to and follow the links to the streamed signal.

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Michael said...

Heard your noontime spot today. Pretty good. Very long, too! You should see about uploading a copy of the add in mp3 format and linking it to your blog.