Sunday, February 05, 2006

Letter In Sunday's Star

The Indianapolis Star printed my letter today in response to their article last Sunday on the Geist annexations. Again, I am fascinated by the headline the newspapers choose to write for my letters. Here's the text:

No need for Democrats in Hamilton County

Fishers Town Council President Scott Faultless got it 100 percent correct in The Star when he confirmed that the key issue in the Geist annexation is money.

Mainly, the town wants to take it from the Geist property owners, who want to preserve their money.

There is one other, more high-minded principle to consider: the right to self-determination. The people of Geist simply do not want to be forcibly annexed into Fishers. The Libertarian Party has stood alone in taking the position that forced annexation is wrong, period.

This is lost on Hamilton County Republicans. The all-Republican Fishers Town Council and the all-Republican Carmel City Council both ignored the wishes of their annexation targets and acted with the backing of force to grab tax dollars, which seem to be paramount to their thinking.

A neighbor asked me why there are so few Democrats in Hamilton County. The answer is clear. With tax-spend-Republicans such as these, Democrats become rather unnecessary.

Mike Kole
Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State


Michael said...

Thus proving that there is little or no discernable difference between them anyway. Well done! I can't wait to see if this actually elicits any type of response from the Hamilton County Democrats. They've been silent so often that it is hard to believe they actually even exist other than on a ballot. Of course, as I have said many times the Hamilton County Democrats have found a way to get elected here. They just change their name to Republican.

Mike Kole said...

Keith Clock of the HC Dems probably will respond. He responded to an article by Kenn Gividen in the Noblesville Daily Times, where Kenn chided Dems statewide for not co-opting his position on I-69.

It was a most unfortunate headline, as my purpose is to pick a fight with the GOP, not the Dems.

GadFlier said...

The headline the Star composed was perfect. There really is no need for Democrats in Hamilton county. The Republicans are doing everything that Democrats would do there, anyway.