Thursday, April 13, 2006

Greenfield Freedom Rally

I will be standing with others who support the right of business property owners to set their own policies on their properties in Greenfield this evening, around 6:30pm. Come down and show your support! We'll be right downtown, at City Hall.

This date and time was chosen as the Greenfield City Council meets at 7:00pm. The purpose is to remind the City Council that their smoking ban has crippled the operations of small, mom-and-pop restaurants, such as Annie's, which is owned by Ann Tomey. I have chronicled her plight many times, but here's the bottom line: the change in the law caused her to see her business drop by 80%. People who smoke seemed to really like to eat at Annie's. The City Council never consulted her to see how their law would impact her.

The City Council may not support her, but Libertarians do. We'll show it again tonight.

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