Tuesday, April 11, 2006

New Poll Time

The Libertarian Party of Indiana hosts annual state conventions, attracting delegates from all over Indiana who vote on party business. Link to LPIN State Convention info.

The 2006 state convention is in the most important of the four-year election cycles, as it nominates the party's candidate for Secretary of State. The SoS candidate's outcome in November determines the LPIN's ballot status. The candidates for other statewide offices, such as Auditor and Treasurer will also be nomindated, along with candidates for State Representative, State Senator, and others.

Do you plan to attend your party's state convention? Take the poll!

Here are the results of the last poll:

When the Libertarian Party earns Major Party status this year, it will be eligible to participate in the 2007 Primaries. The LPIN should:

57% Take the moral high road and opt out. Continue to spare taxpayers the expense, and nominate candidates at party-funded conventions.

29% Participate in the Primaries. It shows Hoosiers the LP is major just like Rs & Ds.

14% Participate in the Primaries. The Rs & Ds use them to figure out who will be their volunteers and contributors. Why should they enjoy this advantage?

This was pretty much as I thought it would be. It would be interesting to poll this question seriously among Hoosiers statewide. I don't think most citizens give much thought to the question of how the primaries are funded, and to the benefit of whom. If they did, I think they would want a change.


Robert Enders said...

Voters should have a voice in who a party nominates. Paying for both general elections and primary elections is a legitimate use of tax dollars.

Mike Kole said...

Robert- I'll ask you to clarify, because the way it's stated sounds like an endorsement of the system as it stands, which precludes voters from having a say on any more than one party.

As for myself, I still think the parties should fund the process.