Thursday, April 13, 2006

Radio Appearance Tomorrow

I will be on WXNT 1430-am once again, Friday morning, from 6-7:00 am. Those in and around Indy can tune in. Others can go to and listen to the streamed signal.

Brad Klopfenstien is the fill-in host tomorrow, as Abdul takes his comedy act on the road. Klopfenstien is the Executive Director of the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association.

We'll talk about the issues of the day, take calls, and talk about the nature of the primary election system, the snafu's being encountered by the various counties with their primary ballots, and the expected anti-April 15th comment everyone comes to expect from a Libertarian candidate for office!

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Doug Davidoff said...

Hey, Mike. I'm sorry that I missed your appearance on WXNT this morning. I'm also writing to let you know that I threw down the gauntlet -- as politely and gently as I could -- on Matt Tully's blog concerning your point on IndyGo. I encourage you to respond, in the spirit of rationale and good-natured civic discussion. The URL for the post and comments form is

Thanks, Mike.

-- dtd