Friday, May 12, 2006

Dinner In Vincennes

Last night was delightfully spent in Vincennes as the guest of J.A. Thomas, at the 630 Restaurant.

Thomas is a Libertarian candidate for Indiana House in District 64, and hosted the dinner as a means to introducing himself and the Libertarian Party to the people of Vincennes and Knox County. LPIN State Chair Mark Rutherford and Executive Director Mark Rutherford also made the trip.

The dinner setting allowed us to have more intimate conversations on Libertarian policy and issues than a routine stump speech with Q&A would ever permit.

Those dining with us were very interested in our ideas and expressed a theme we hear statewide: we gave the Republicans a chance with a majority, and they blew it. It was perfect, as I have been very eager to take the "wasted vote syndrome" on directly. I pointed out how there certainly are wasted votes each November. Every time someone votes Republican expecting lower taxes and smaller government, that person wasted his vote. If you really want these things, you have to vote Libertarian.

Rutherford & I were interviewed by Tony Cloyd of WVUB-FM, the 50,000-watt NPR radio station at Vincennes University.

630 was an amazing surprise. The decor and atmosphere are what you might expect of an upscale, exclusive downtown Indy restaurant. And yet, the offerings were extremely reasonably priced. Excellent pick, J.A.! When in the area, you owe it to yourself to check out the 630 in Vincennes.

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